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dll's & Plugins


Scripts for PSP8-9

Styled Lines


































Windows XP and earlier 4 dll's for PSP

*(Vista and Windows 7 users see below)

Most places tell you that you only need 2 or 3 dll's to make your plugins work in Paint Shop Pro! Not true! Unzip all four of these to your Windows/Systems32 folder if you have a current version (XP) or if you are using an older version of windows then put them in your Windows>Systems folder instead.. Reboot your computer and open Paint Shop Pro and look at all the plugins that you forgot you had suddenly appear active and usable! Way kewl! Download the zip HERE !

VISTA ONLY  6 dll's for PSP

6 DLL zip file that you will need to get most of the plugin's to work with PSP.
You have to unzip and download all 6 DLL's to BOTH C://Windows/System Folder AND C://Windows/System32 Folders

Download the zip HERE !


Windows 7 & 8! 32 or 64 bit

10 dll's to get your PSP plugins working! Instructions included in the Zip

Download Windows 7(works for 8 also) zip HERE


20/20 tiling program- This is a stand alone program..not a plugin!

Save to your desktop recommended!

Andrew's Filters already converted to 8bf format(PC)!



Brush Strokes

Filter Factory Plugins already converted to 8bf format (PC)! FFGallery(270plugins) 

Graphics Plus .. assorted filters


Jeux De Lignes









Unplugged Effects